Once I went for a walk in the quarter of les halles in Paris, before their destruction a few months later. My view had been attracted by a collage presented in a tiny shop, where a great number of artworks had been collected in a certain disorder. I spent quite a long time looking at the collage, which was covered by pages of artbooks, carefully cut into several pieces. Fascinated by this little artwork, I completely forgot asking for the creator of it, but in my memory it was made by a woman. Since this day I like to express myself by creating collages…… I began by covering papers completely with cut pieces and slowly but steady I progressed and tried other techniques, like mixing different types of paper and using paint and varnish. During the following years I have been exposing in several places, for example at Salon des Independants at Grand Palais in Paris. In the past I have been selling many of my collages and paintings at exhibitions and by recommendation. The creation of this website is due to the late wish of making myself a bit more known and presenting a choice of my latestworks. In the future, some  paintings will be added. Olivier Bourgin